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“Teacher’s can change lives with just the night mix of chalk and challenge..”

At Blossom Convent School, We value the inset in invaluable resource – Our Teacher’s

Our Teaching faculty at Blossom Convent School is highly Qualified, Intelligent, Hard Working, Creative, Innovative, Almost all of the teacher’s live on the campus and all teach in and out of the classroom are actively involved in the co- curricular education offered to each and every children. Academic, pastoral, full guidance are all part of the tutors role and the student’s benefit immensely. At BCS, We value our teacher’s. They, intern, not only teach the curriculum, but also inculcate and enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.

The following list is a current list of staff as at 1 March 2017 and will be regularly updated as and when appropriate.


Staff List —

Ms. Geeta Sandhu (Principal)
Ms.Mukesh Choudhary (Vice-Principal)
Ms. Anchal (Maths Teacher)
Mr Arjun (Science Teacher)
Ms. Deepti (English Teacher)
Ms. Samriti (Hindi Teacher)
Ms. Tripti (SST Teacher + Mother Teacher)
Ms. Lovina (Mother Teacher)
Ms. Aamna (Assistant Teacher)
Ms. Manisha (Assistant Teacher)
Ms Kamni (Coordinator + Punjabi Teacher)
Mr. Suraj (Dance Teacher)
Ms. Mandeep (Mother Teacher)
Ms. Neeraj (Primary Teacher)
Mr. Navraj (Accountant)