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Facilities Provided By School

An Effective school facility is responsive to the changing programmes of educational delivery and at a minimum should provide a physical environment i.e. comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing. The school facility consist of not only the physical structure and the variety of building system, such as mechanical, plumbing, electrical and power, telecommunications, security and fire suppression. The facility also includes furnishing, materials and supplies, equipment and information technology, as well as various aspect of building grounds, namely, playgrounds, areas for outdoor learning and vehicular access and parking.

There are some of more facilities provided by BCS are RO facility, dance room, Computer lab, English speaking, Taekwondo classes, Smart Class, Library, Vast Auditorium for co-curricular activities and many more.

Vocational Education

Vocational Education is education that prepares people to work in a trade, a craft, as a technician, or in professional vocations such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, or law. Craft vacations are usually based on manual or practical activities and are traditionally non- academic but related to a specific trade or occupation. Vocational Education is sometimes referred to as career education or technical education.

School Facilities
Smart pad system: For parents – teacher online communication.
Cameras facility at all corners.
Zero Bag Burden In Tiny Tot schooling.
Fully AC : Play- Way Section.
Transport Facility with Camera & GPS on it.
Every Saturday is Activity Day.
Karate Class and Well Qualified Staff.
Play Therapy.
Personal And Intensive Care of Slow Learners.
Innovative methods to teach every concept.
Here every child get opportunity And Platform to experience the Change.
Smart School pad Software: BCS is using the best software School pad Software to link between parents and school in regard to wards update time to time.