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About BCS

Blossom Convent School started in a humble way to provide quality education to the children from   Play way school to Middle level ( upto 8th) in the year 2009. Education plays a pivotal role in one’s life on which whole life survives and thrives. This path is challenging and is fulfilling. Blossom meets the demand of growing children and of their parents who come to us with a lot of trust & faith to get the best. We, at Blossom are dedicated for imparting best standard of education and to ensure all round development of each student. Students are treated like small saplings who need delicate care to nurture and give them the desired growth.

Blossom school is the dream of  Col. B.S. Sandhu (Retd.) and Mrs.Geeta Sandhu who stand for equal rights of education to all. School Vice Principal Ms.  Mukesh Chaudhary had been working in the school since 2014 and had nurtured the school with her enriched administrative skills and widened experience. She had worked in many reputed schools as Head, Coordinators and Academic Head.She has more than 20 years experience in the field of education Col. Sandhu’s principle of life is “a life can be made worth living with quality education. One’s success in life is directly proportionate to the quality of education one gets from the initial stage of life.” Therefore, in a joint venture of education both have deiced to shape up the dreams of under privileged children and to make them good and useful citizens of India.

Blossom is nestled in Nayagaon, a satellite town of Punjab touching the boundary of U.T. The school is started with a mission to provide quality education to small needy children. More than 25% of the children we have admitted belong to parents below poverty line.

Blossom had completed its first successful year with more than 200 aspiring students from Play way to class 8th. All the students are enthusiastic to get into the next classes with good marks.

Seeing the overwhelming response by the parents and the surrounding society with lots of accolades to the school and staff, the management has decided to add five additional sections from Play way to Class VI and also to add senior classes beyond Class VI.Blossom has plans to set up residential school for students from Class VIII up to Class XII in the vicinity of Mohali. The residential school shall open in 2025.

The teaching staff at Blossom is highly dedicated, trained and sensitive to the needs of the students. They take pains to ensure that each student is part of each curriculum and is pro-active.

The highlights of the BCS are :-

  1. Impart quality education with CBSE syllabus.
  2. Ensure overall development and growth of each student.
  3. Ensure the teaching staff is abreast with the latest teaching techniques in all facets such as Computer Education, Environment, Science & Technology. Maths, English & Social Studies
  4. Ensure all cultural and religious events are held with students’ participation.
  5. Residential campus to commence in the year 2025.
  6. Best awarded School during pandemic corona.
  7. Two big separate playground for sports.
  8. Music dance, calligraphy ,remedial classes, spoken English classes.
  9. Special discount for girls education.
  10. Transportation facility.
  11. Totally CCTV camera enabled.
  12. Loving kindergarten environment with most caring mother teachers.